Saturday, June 22, 2013

The projects, they are a-growin'

The missus and I have been somewhat absent from the Vanagon scene, due to changing abodes, and welcoming a new little one into our lives. So, since we're not taking Kurt around anywhere lately, I decided to tackle a longer-term project: the fridge. You know, the it's-hard-to-light, it-doesn't-get-very-cold variety.

But that's a story for a different day. It's just the lead-in. When I pulled the fridge, I noticed something curious: the bottom clamp for the sink drain hose was rusted out.

The top isn't.  You can also see some rust in the floor in that area. But where's all that water coming from? Here's what I found when I pulled the drain hose:

Yikes! Every time we ran the sink, we'd be putting more water on the floor.

Unlike my previous posts, I'm not going to post the happy ending with this one: I've just gotten started pulling out the entire galley so I can get access to the floor to clean it out.

So, current Vanagon projects include the door panel restoration I haven't finished, the fridge, and now the floor. At this rate, I hope to be done by, I dunno, next summer. Wish me luck.