Sunday, September 2, 2012

Maiden voyage

We took Kurt up to the Sonoma coast right after getting it. Everything as expected the first day, though there was some rattling underneath the car on the drive up. We celebrated the voyage with some pie and whipped cream.

The second day, the sink didn't work. Was this due to the aux battery getting drained?

On the drive home, we could only maintain freeway speed on perfectly flat roads. Going over the bridge was more like driving a 1960 VW Bus, standing on the accelerator going 35 mph. I took it to a VW mechanic Monday morning. Nice thing about driving a freeway-illegal van during rush hour: no one can notice my top speed isn't much above 35 mph. The mechanic called me up two hours later to tell my it was just my catalytic converter. It was plugged up and choking off the engine. In a sense, this was a relief: a straightforward repair should lead to a driveable van, leaving me with the problems I already knew about.

Of course, I should be so lucky. An old van brings a lot of hidden little issues, and I got neck deep in them pretty quickly.

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